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Board of Directors

The WERF Board currently consists of eleven members. Each member's biography is included below:

WERF Board Members (2008) from left to right: John Brown (former member), Larry Gall, David Wagner, Ron Hodges (deceased), Paul Opler, Eric Metzler (sitting), Kelly Richers, and Don Lafontaine at United States National Museum (Oliver Dominick, Todd Gilligan, Sangmi Lee, and Jackie Miller not pictured).

Unfortunately, Founding Member, Immediate Past President, and President Emeritus of the Foundation, Ronald W. Hodges, passed away in 2017. Ron was instrumental in organizing the Foundation in 1973. For more information on Ron, please visit the following page:

Current Board Members' Biographies:


Board Business

This section of the website is for Wedge Board Members only.




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