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Fascicle 26.9:


Noctuidae (Part)

Xyleninae, Apameini (part: Apamea group of genera)


Kauri Mikkola, J. Donald Lafontaine and Jocelyn Gill

2009, 191 pages, 8 color plates, 24 b/w plates, 67 text figures. Hard cover. The text treats 71 species in 5 genera of North American moths of the noctuid tribe Apameini. Two genera, 12 species, and six subspecies are newly described. Adults of all species are illustrated in color by 296 specimens. Approximately 20,000 specimens were studied. Diagnostic characters of all the genera and species are detailed and illustrated.

This is the first fascicle for which the authors use molecular data to help resolve complex species issues. Specimens of this group of often closely similar and variable species have proved difficult to identify. Identification keys for genera and species based on adult characters are provided with illustrations of wings and genitalia and notes on variable characters. Larvae in this group feed mainly on grasses, and the last instar larvae of 27 species are briefly characterized. A synonymic check list of the described species updates the Check List of the Lepidoptera of America north of Mexico.


ISBN 978-0-933003-14-9


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